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Tips on caring for python and leather bags

 One question that we always get asked here at Doorstep Luxury is, “How do we care for our python and leather products?" 

 KPNY Full Python Leather Handbag, $1,280 
Python leather is durable and beautiful. The thing that most shoppers don’t realize is that products made from this leather can last a really long time if cared for properly by its owner. But without the TLC it deserves, the scales can crack or fall off.
Leather bags are usually easy to care for. Cleaning them once a month should be enough to keep them clean and debris free. Conditioning will also prevent the leather from cracking.
Ling Wu Kate Leather Clutch (Black), $460 
Don't forget to store your precious leather bags in their dustbags! 

Cleaning Products
Exotic leather needs a cleaner or a conditioner that is milder compared to that of smooth leather. Not all leather care products are the same. Do remember to read thoroughly before buying a certain product. Using normal leather cleaner on snakeskin will leave a residue that may build up around the base causing them to crack. 

General Tips 
There are a lot of cleaning and conditioning products for leather goods available. But do take note on reading and following the instructions carefully. Test the special cleaning kit or leather care kit before using it for the first time on a particular item. Apply it on a small area not visible when worn, For example, on the inside part of the bag. Wait and evaluate to see if the cleaning product in indeed suitable for your leather. 
Keep your leather goods away from water. They are difficult to dry and may develop water stains. If your leather product gets wet, DO NOT expose it to direct sunlight or heat. This may cause the leather to dry out! Lastly, storing our bags in a dark area at room temperature can help prevent the leather from premature fading and cracking as well. Hope these tips will be useful to you guys!

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